RRB Mission:
To construct a craft capable claiming the transatlantic world speed record while generating a profit for investors and to serve as a funding mechanism for a nonprofit devoted to the elimination of malaria in Africa.

RRB Vision:
Rafiki Race Boat Inc. was founded with inspiration from the Holy Spirit and a noble goal: To build a socially conscious business providing superior boats to race to victory and claim the transatlantic speed record while generating a profit for investors and serving to fund a nonprofit working to eliminate malaria in Africa.

Bring hope and have fun at the same time! Join the RACE from London to New York City to break Richard Branson's speed record. Be part of this exciting RACE and awareness building adventure to eradicate malaria.

According to the World Health Organization’s World Malaria Report 2017, it is estimated that 445,000 people died of malaria in 2016 with (70%) of those being children 5 or under.  We can and must dramatically reduce and work towards total elimination of these deaths. The race is about saving lives, about reallocating family and government resources to food, education, shelter and relieving the severe financial burden malaria places on half the world’s population. Join the Race Against Malaria today!

Announcing three new races in this worldwide effort to raise awareness and funds to eradicate this disease:

   - RAM Race for Awareness – beginning today!

   - RAM promotional tour from Seattle to London - Spring of 2021

   - RAM 2021 Summer Trans-Atlantic Race – date to be announced.

Watch for a blog entry detailing events and partnership development leading up to the actual race, what cities will be participating and dates.

Drop us a line with your questions or comments at or use our Contact page.

Come Race with Us! To bring Hope
and Worldwide Focus on the eradication of malaria....

Use your social impact investment dollars to bring hope to the 219 million who contract malaria every year. Ask to be put in touch with
Rafiki Race Boat Inc.

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