Pilgrim Africa

2017 World Malaria Report

The 2017 World Malaria Report shows that global progress towards this goal has stagnated. In order to achieve a malaria-free Uganda, and even a malaria-free Africa, our global community must accelerate our progress against the disease. When it comes to the world’s toughest problems, good intentions aren’t good enough. We need rigorous scientific inquiry and data-driven policy. That’s why Pilgrim Africa is focused on operational research, policy making, and the implementation of best practices.


Uganda has some of the highest malaria transmission rates anywhere in the world, and very limited resources with which to fight the disease. If we can build a model for effective malaria control here, we believe that it will have a huge impact on international policy. That’s why we work closely with the Ugandan Ministry of Health in each of our projects. As partners, we are measuring success against disease, crafting excellent policy, and integrating vector control and preventative treatment strategies.